Thursday, June 13, 2013

CCM Summer Institute Day 4

Another day of some excellent information and hands-on experience.  We did a great small group activity on the differences between amplifying and transforming a classroom.  One of the most interesting concepts taken from this was that this flipped classroom concept really doesn't revolve around technology; it can completely exist on its own but is clearly enhanced when we use technology as it prepares students for their careers.

Our last set of work was individual work and gave us each an opportunity to get a few lessons created for our courses coming in the fall.  This worked out well for me because this course runs every semester and in two years will run again at the high school I teach at too.  The assignment was to create 3 separate activities exemplifying an absorb, do, and connect activity.  I have taught this topic many times over the past 10 years and have tried lots of methods that have worked but taking it from this perspective of absorb, do, connect really helped me write a deeper lesson that gives significant hands-on experience.

Here's the link to my three activities, check it out!

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