Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CCM Summer Institute

So I signed up for a week long course at CCM in New Jersey offered to their professors.  Course title "Engaging the 21st Century Student" = awesome!  The course is hybrid with both face-to-face and online requirements, hosted through their Blackboard implementation.

The pre-reading that was required quickly identified this as a class where I would gather lots of information.  Almost immediately I learned a word I had never heard before, which embarrasses me as a teacher, but also reminds me there is so much information out there that we must be lifelong learners.  The word is andragogy and you want to think of it in terms of pedagogy vs. andragogy.  Simply stated andragogy is the study of how adults learn.

We really focused a lot of our discussion towards this theory as our leaders modeled 21st century teaching through large and small group discussions, small group work and protocol discussions (this was challenging but interesting!)

At the end of session they shared three online web services they highly recommend.
  1. Anymeeting.com
  2. Lucid Chart
  3. Google Apps
There was an open discussion where everyone who had prior experience with some of these sites could testify to their usefulness.  Reflecting back at this experience you clearly see one of the principles of Knowle's theory appear. 
Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences.
Start your discovery of andragogy with the Awesome Chart on "Pedagogy vs. Andragogy"

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