Friday, August 2, 2013

What Pope Francis Can Teach Us About Leadership

It has been just over five months since Pope Francis stepped into his new role as Bishop of Rome and what an exciting five months we have seen.  Pope Francis stands out as a true leader who seems to on an almost daily basis break the chains of tradition while maintaining respect for his position and the Church.

He is a great role model for educational leaders.  Our daily call embraces all that Pope Francis is currently achieving and modeling for us.

The desire to break the chains of tradition for a fuller and more sincere educational experience embracing new communication methods, advancing learning in our classrooms with new technology tools, and transforming our lessons to embrace students prior and future experiences.

Maintaining respect for our positions by not throwing theories and years of research to the side for immediate shallow returns on investment that last only a school year or two.  At the same time not settling for the same old because it is safe or provides a guaranteed minimum.

The Pope has all already debunked one of the biggest fears of leaders that change or pushing against tradition will destroy the institution.  We have learned quickly that the institution remains even stronger than before and that breaking tradition becomes a new tradition itself.

It is exciting times in the Church under Pope Francis' stewardship and in the world of education under our current leaders' stewardship.  I continue to pray that all leaders remember on a daily basis they are just stewards of something bigger than any one of us and that together we can all change the world. 

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